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The following table shows target rates valid for translation agencies only. The prices for direct customers or private individuals may differ depending on the amount of extra work needed (file converting / formatting, glossary compilation etc.), they can be provided upon request. Please sent us an e-mail with your text as an e-mail attachment to get a quote. 
All prices are given in EUR (excl. VAT):
(per source word)
(per source word)
Translation / Proofreading / QA
(per hour)
EN-SK0,08 - 0,100,03 - 0,0524-30
DE-SK0,09 - 0,120,03 - 0,05 24-30
DA-SK0,100,03 - 0,0530-38
NL-SK0,100,03 - 0,05 30-38
Minimum charge: 10-30 (depending on country and bank fees)