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 Are you looking for a professional Slovak translator?
 I translate from English, German, Danish into Slovak and I hereby welcome you on my website.

My background

I have been in the translation business since 2006 as a freelance translator from English, German and Danish into Slovak working for many translation agencies and direct clients.


My focus lies on medical and pharmaceutical texts, i.e. translating instructions for use for medical devices, clinical trial documentation, summaries of product characteristics etc. as well as technical texts, i.e. instructions for use or manuals for various tools or machines along with related software.

I hold a Masters Degree in English and a certificate in translation. Being married to a Dane and living in Germany for more than a decade have given me a good opportunity to acquire German and Danish on a high level.

Through the cooperation with my colleague Jana I can also offer Dutch to Slovak translations. Jana has a strong background in IT and Economics. You are welcome to contact her directly or visit her website at

My mission and strategy

  • to provide my customers with quality translations that are correct, consistent, understandable and suited to their purpose
  • to work efficiently and enthusiastically
  • to use opportunities for continuous learning and further education in my specializations such as in the medical and pharmaceutical field
  • to offer easy, clear, effective and pleasant communication

​Why you should choose to use my services

  • You can benefit from my many years of translation experience and specialist knowledge.
  • The translations of your texts will be accurate, relevant and well researched.
  • The translated texts will deliver the intended message.
  • You can be sure that your deadlines will be met;
    I will make my best effort to deliver ahead of schedule.
  • Even on tight deadlines I strive to deliver exceptional work.
  • By choosing me you will not go wrong.
Ivana Andersen Kapustová

(Translator for German / English / Danish -> Slovak)
Wiesenstr. 13
D-67433 Neustadt a.d. Weinstraße

Tel.: +49 6321 95 44 111
Jana Šamalíková (Translator for Dutch -> Slovak)